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Boat Shipping

The percentage of Boat shipping companies are further low compared to Car shipping companies. We are trusted by premium boat manufacturers and boat owners and are able to offer the most divers logistics solutions tailored to your requirements ensuring your time and budget expectations are met.

Container service for boats:

We offer different kinds of boat shipping. Some boats can fit into marine shipping containers. Large yachts can be loaded in open top containers. If the boat is too wide to actually be rolled inside, the unit will be tilted diagonally with advanced tilt method for loading inside the container.

With the fabrication of a steel shipping cradle, that is fitted to match your boat specifications, we can load your boat into the container by loading the boat on an angle. We can accommodate for instance large 28? power boat with 2 jet skis including their trailers or 25? fishing boat together with 17? bow rider with their trailers inside the same 40? HC shipping container. These custom made shipping cradles, combined with specialized strap and support systems designed by us, you can rest assure your boat will arrive safe and damage free.

Ro-Ro (Roll-On Roll-Off)

Ro Ro shipping is the most popular international boat transport method. As Ro Ro shipping charges are always calculated on cubic meters, we remove arches radars and towers to reduce boat shipping size. Shrink wrap film is used to protect boat in transit.

Ro Ro has minimal handling and therefore less chance of damage. All quarantine inspection and wash can be done at the port with no need for additional costs to transfer off port. Boats are shipped below deck in a secure weather proof hold.